I am a long-term investor always learning and growing as I invest my money for significant capital appreciation over the next 20 years.

On this journey, I want want to share with you the investing wisdom I learn, My deep dives into businesses, my brief dives into businesses, and my portfolio.

Deep Dives cover businesses in a lot of depth with a focus on learning everything about the business and answering the question, "Why is this business an incredible opportunity for the long term?". You can find the deep dives at deep dives.

Brief Dives cover businesses in a lesser detail and are mainly a first look at the business to learn about them briefly. You can find the brief dives at brief dives.

I share my portfolio holdings for transparency. I also share my understanding of my portfolio holdings and provide updates if any. You can find my portfolio at portfolio.

In Investing Wisdom I share everything I learn about investing that would be helpful to you to learn and internalize to empower you to be a great long-term investor. You can my investing wisdom at investing wisdom.

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